From March 28-29, eSUNMED will appear at the Medical Devices – Polymers 2024 Conference and the International Medical Filaments Industry Development Forum

Post time: Mar-27-2024

The Medical Devices: Polymers 2024 Conference and International Medical Filaments Industry Development Forum will be officially held at the Suzhou International Academic Exchange Center from March 28-29, 2024.

As the annual event for policy and regulation, as well as technical exchange in the medical polymer products industry, the two-day conference will enhance collaborative innovation and cooperation among enterprises along the industrial chain. It will provide a professional platform for important project negotiations and product display promotion for the industry.

eSUNMed Biotechnology (Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd., primarily dedicated to developing and applying biomedical polymer materials, will not only participate in the discussions but also showcase our products and applications across various industries at booth A059. All friends are welcome to visit and exchange ideas.




eSUNMED, the biomedical brand registered by eSUNMed Biotechnology (Shenzhen)Co., Ltd., was established in collaboration with experts in the field of biomedical materials by Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. It serves as the vice-chairman unit of the Shenzhen Society of Biomedical Engineering, a member of the Shenzhen Association of Medical Devices, and a member of the Shenzhen Medical Device Quality Promotion Association.

eSUNMED is dedicated to the research, development, and industrialization of biomedical polymer materials, medical 3D printing materials, and downstream medical supplies and devices.

Located in Longhua District, Shenzhen, eSUNMED’s main base covers an area of over 2,000㎡, featuring nearly 400㎡ class 100,000 cleanrooms and 100㎡ class 10,000 purification laboratories. These facilities meet the standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements for producing pharmaceutical excipients and sterile medical devices, aligning with the industry standards for biomedical polymer materials.


eSUNMED’s Products and Services

eSUNMed is primarily dedicated to the development and application of biomedical polymer materials. We can provide customers with various medical-grade raw materials, such as PLA, PCL, etc., with different molecular weights. Besides, we can customize solid microspheres of these polymers with diameters ranging from 10-100μm based on customer demands.

The main products and services of eSUNMED include: monomer raw materials (such as L-LA, D-LA, meso-LA, GA, ε-CL), biodegradable polymers (such as PLA, PCL, PGA, PLGA, PLCL), 3D printing biomaterials (such as PEEK, PLA, PCL, dental resins), and processing of biomedical materials (such as microspheres, molding, electrospin, 3D printing).

Some of the product specifications and parameters are as follows:



eSUNMED’s Patents


  Currently, eSUNMED has established cooperation with many universities and related professional research institutes, such as Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Sichuan University, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Central South University, China Pharmaceutical University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Nano-X Research Facility, National High-performance Medical Apparatus and Instruments Innovation Center, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, etc. They are developing biomedical materials to create a green and healthy life. The Medical Devices – Polymers 2024 Conference is about to open grandly. eSUNMED looks forward to and sincerely welcomes experts and scholars in biomedical materials and upstream and downstream enterprises to visit the eSUNMED booth for exchange discussion, consultation, and cooperation!

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