Closure of the 2024 Medical Polymer Conference: eSUNMed Welcomes all Friends for Consultation and Collaboration!

Post time: Apr-03-2024

On March 28-29, the Medical Polymer Products Professional Committee of the China Association for Medical Devices Industry grandly held its 2024 annual meeting. Experts and scholars from the medical device field across various regions and representatives from enterprises and institutions gathered together to showcase new products and technologies across the entire industry chain of medical polymer products, both domestic and international. They discussed the industry’s development trends, technological innovations, and application prospects jointly.


Conference Scene


eSUNMed Biotechnology (Shenzhen)Co., Ltd. (brand “eSUNMED”) also brought our latest products to this grand event. The trip to Suzhou was very fruitful for eSUNMED. On one hand, the brand’s visibility was further enhanced; on the other hand, the products were widely recognized. Medical PLLA, PLGA, and other medical polymer materials attracted researchers and enterprise personnel from related fields to consult and learn more at the exhibition.


Academician Cao Xianghong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chairman Cong Rinan visiting the eSUNMed booth




On-site at the eSUNMed booth


Medical polymer materials are widely used and are essential in the medical field. They play a crucial role in medical devices, medical filaments, medical packaging, tissue engineering, and drug delivery. With the continuous growth of the global healthcare industry and increasing attention to health, the market for medical polymer materials is also expanding.


Due to their excellent biocompatibility and degradability, biodegradable polymer materials can be widely used in fields such as bone defect repair, artificial blood vessels, medical aesthetics, and controlled drug release. They have an extensive application prospect in the clinical medical direction.

Leveraging the advantages of eSUNMed’s parent company, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd., in the research and application of biodegradable polymer materials, eSUNMed primarily focuses on developing and applying biomedical polymer materials. Currently, we can provide customers with various medical-grade raw materials, such as PLA, PCL, etc., with different molecular weights. Besides, we can customize solid microspheres of these polymers with diameters ranging from 10-100μm based on customer demands.

The main products and services of eSUNMED include: monomer raw materials (such as L-LA, D-LA, meso-LA, GA, ε-CL), biodegradable polymers (such as PLA, PCL, PGA, PLGA, PLCL), 3D printing biomaterials (such as PEEK, PLA, PCL, dental resins), and processing of biomedical materials (such as microspheres, molding, electrospin, 3D printing).



The biomedical polymer materials industry is developing rapidly and has a significant growth potential. eSUNMED looks forward to and sincerely welcomes experts and scholars in biomedical materials and upstream and downstream enterprises to visit the eSUNMED booth for exchange discussion, consultation, and cooperation!


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